We know that you likely want to be left alone – so you’ve come to the right place. We respect your privacy, so here is what you need to know about what information we collect and what we do with it.

We collect your name, address, and email address when you check out. If you check out though PayPal, we get this information from them.

For your order, you may tell us about your goal race, your times, some words of encouragement or a dedication. You may also send us a picture for your order.

Assuming we are smart enough to figure it out, we may use web analytics or tracking that do not identify you.

Here’s what we do with your information: we will process your order and communicate with your about it. We will save your name, address and email with an order history so we know who our repeat customers are and to make checkout easier next time you come back.

We may use an image of your bib, sign or bands on our site as samples of our work if you give us permission during checkout.

We may send a personal follow-up email after your race to congratulate you (if you earned it), or to find out how things went. We do take an active interest in all of our customers.

We may (though we have yet to do so) send emails with offers or promotions to those who have opted in.

We don’t share any contact information with third parties (other than those who might help us process your order).

Terms and conditions

We like to keep things simple, so we don’t have many.

We expect that you own, or have the appropriate rights, to any content submitted for use on a custom design.

If we see a phrase from a bib, or words on a pace band we really like (and that doesn’t identify you), we may use them as samples, on future products or as words for others to choose from.

We are happy for you to Pin our site or your customized bib, or post it to Facebook, Instagram, Tweet it or whatever else is the newest craze in sharing content that we missed while we were out running. We ask that you please link to us or tag us (#races2remember /

All custom designs remain the copyrighted property of Races2Remember LLC and can only be reproduced with our permission. This means that you should not use our design to make a shirt, create a download product or print products. We are happy to make arrangements to allow you to do this. We can create and host virtual bibs and can help format designs for custom shirt printing. Just ask.

We custom design each product. Once you approve the preview, any changes may cost extra (we start the printer right after you approve to make sure you get them on time).

Our normal shipping method is USPS First Class Mail. Although this is normally very reliable, there are occasionally delays, and we cannot be responsible once the order leaves our hands on time. First Class mail does not allow tracking of orders. If your race is soon, or you want tracking, use USPS Priority Mail or Priority Mail Express (if time is really short).

PayPal is our payment provider. We don’t want to take your credit card information (and we don’t think you would want us to). If you want to pay by check, we recommend PayPal’s pay by check feature. However, if PayPal just won’t work, please contact us.